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Ansible tips & tricks

or things you should know before you start writing playbooks. Substrings Ansible does not have functions for dealing with substrings but because the foundation is python, you can actually use the python contructs [ : ], like for example: - set_fact: mystring="abcdefg" - debug: msg={{ mystring[1:3] }} Output: abc if() statements Jinja2 has a {% if %} {% endif %} construction that is upported in most programming languages and you probably know this.

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Dots and plusses for your gmail

Most people forgot this piece of original gmail documentation from Google about the formand shape of your gmail address. It basically confirms 2 things: that the . (dot) is not relevant in your emailaddress and foobar@ or even are all the same. adding a + with text is also fine and can be used to track where your emailaddress ends up after you filled it in on a registration page on a website.

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Why I like pushd for cross platform push notifications

On a recent mobile (android and iOS) project I implemented push notifications with pushd. On the pushd project page, pushd is introduced as follows: Pushd is a pluggable unified push server for server-side notification to mobile native apps, web apps etc. With pushd you can send push notifications to any supported mobile platform, web app or HTTP server from a single entry point. Pushd takes care of which device is subscribed to which event and is designed to support an unlimited amount of subscribable events.