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Linux on a Chromebook just got easier with Termux

The only machine that I use is a Samsung Chromebook Plus and apart from running Docker, I can use it for my daily work review/research/develop activities. For me crouton is a life saver. But is not the only option out there anymore ! My Chromebook Plus runs Android apps and now the Termux app for Android comes into play ! This app provides an Ubuntu based Linux emulator for Android phones/tablets and my Chromebook with larger screen and full keyboard make it really easy to use.

OpenVPN on Chromebook with crouton

After hours trying to get a VPN connection up with issues like Cannot find device ¨tun0" or Linux ip addr del failed: external program exited with error status: 1, I found this post on the Crouton github issues that made setting up VPN tunnels work as it should: download the client.ovpn config and simply sudo openvpn client.opvn. Quoting the issue from the post HI, I think I found a reliable solution to make openvpn command working.

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Review van de TL-WPS510U Ver 5.0

Ik heb net een review geplaatst op Tweakers over mijn recent gekochte TP-Link WPS51oU wireless printserver. Eindresultaat: goed Kwaliteit/prijs: uitstekend Aanbevelen: ja

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Running Docker containers on a Chromebook ? With RKT !

My chromebook (Samsung 550 from 2012) can not run the Docker daemon (see here for technical explanation), which is sad and makes it next to useless in a modern DevOps project. #RKT to the rescue BUT it runs regular Docker images just fine with CoreOS RKT ! Follow these install instructions to install RKT, nothing special required. #Proof you say ? OK, let´s start a shell with rkt and Redis and netcat to it from a second shell.

Running node.js on Synology with supervisor

Running 1 node.js app in a screen window works fine for developping and testing but for my Ghost blog i need a more stable solution. One that starts automatically when the Synology reboots for example. This article Making Ghost run forever explains your options, however, your Synology does not have the easiest option (supervisor) installed. Also not the /lib/lsb/init-functions that would make your own rc.d script easy to write. I found that supervisor is not available as a ipkg package so i tried to build it myself.

Synology Crashplan update to 482 fails

A DSM update or Synology restart broke the PATH settings again and made cpio unavailable from the $PATH. This executable is required for the Crashplan package: it needs it to unpack an update. Googling found me this post where the solution was to copy cpio from within the Crashplan distribution but cpio is already available in /opt/bin/cpio making the solution even easier by just setting the PATH to include /opt/bin. (as it should so tools like ipkg are available)