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Linux on a Chromebook just got easier with Termux

The only machine that I use is a Samsung Chromebook Plus and apart from running Docker, I can use it for my daily work review/research/develop activities. For me crouton is a life saver. But is not the only option out there anymore ! My Chromebook Plus runs Android apps and now the Termux app for Android comes into play ! This app provides an Ubuntu based Linux emulator for Android phones/tablets and my Chromebook with larger screen and full keyboard make it really easy to use.

Running node.js on Synology with supervisor

Running 1 node.js app in a screen window works fine for developping and testing but for my Ghost blog i need a more stable solution. One that starts automatically when the Synology reboots for example. This article Making Ghost run forever explains your options, however, your Synology does not have the easiest option (supervisor) installed. Also not the /lib/lsb/init-functions that would make your own rc.d script easy to write. I found that supervisor is not available as a ipkg package so i tried to build it myself.