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Installing Node.js on a Synology DS411+ (Intel cpu)

Need help installing node.js on an Intel base Synology? Want to install node.js (or do you prefer nodejs or node js)on your intel based Synology like my DS411+ and getting stuck or lost in compile errors after following the ARM based instructions? Look no further because Synology has provided node.js as a standard package and you can get node.js up and running in 5 minutes! Just go to the Package Center, choose Utilities and install Node.

Installing Ghost on Synology

Ghost is an excellent blogging tool and happens to be free and easy to install on your Synology. First get node.js installed, see node.js on synology ds411 intel on how to do that. NB Synology comes with node.js V0.12 and runs just fine for Ghost. Next follow this official tutorial from Remember to install Ghost under /volume1 or somewhere else than /root or it will be deleted on the next DSM update Open/forward the port 2368 from the internet to your Synology Then you’ll want to run the ghost app in the background: you need to install a handy tool called screen.